What is WBT Lab?

Working Better Together Lab offers a fun, activity-driven approach to strengthening team collaboration and communication. Using applied improvisational techniques, communication science, and management theory, we offer a transformative group experience that will help teams develop a different working paradigm. We facilitate community building, improving responses to complex organizational problems, and help catalyze uncertainty into positive business outcomes.  We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area and work with clients nationwide and internationally.

The Principles

  • Team building - embracing supportive communication and “making your partner look good."

  • Collaboration - cultivating trust in teams through fun applied improvisation activities.

  • Communication - developing collective narratives to align and drive your team.



  • Custom Teambuilding Workshops - We embrace your specific organizational culture and design pragmatic, fun, and highly engaging group experiences that foster alignment, trust, and supportive communication.
  • Expert Facilitation - Our experienced team delivers sophisticated and high energy activities that are backed by robust research, theory, and results-oriented applications.
  • Coaching and Program Design - WBT Lab custom designs programs that can be handed off to your organization for ongoing communication development. We can also work with your team over time to maximize the effectiveness of the program.
  • One-on-one Coaching- Looking to increase confidence with public speaking? We are here to help you build confidence, learn how to be concise and compelling in the moment, and practice presence.