What is Applied Improvisation?

Applied Improvisation is an experiential strategy for businesses to cultivate creativity, innovation, and collaboration.  The stage metaphor is applied to organizations with a focus on improving essential communication skills such as supportive listening, storytelling, and negotiation. Applied Improvisation is backed by management and social science theory, has been widely written about, and is a dynamic way to catalyze team development.

What is "yes, and"?

Its a simple change in the way you talk to your teammates that has dramatic results for your organization. Status, approval seeking, and competition get in the way.  We tend to communicate in ways that are not forthright or supportive, but these communication elements are ESSENTIAL to collaboration, innovation, and morale.  By adopting the fundamental principle of "yes, and," organizations immediately see a culture shift that is encouraging and motivating.

Who is using Applied Improvisation?

The links below give a small sample of how Applied Improvisation (AI) is being leveraged to help organizations across industries (ie. Healthcare, Tech, Education).  AI principles such as mutual support, trust, and authenticity have myriad high impact applications which are rapidly gaining support internationally.

FORBES (2018) - Improv To Improve: Three 'Rules' To Building An Engaged, Collaborative Team:


HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW (2015) - Improv Exercises That Can Change the Way Your Team Works:


CREATIVE SCHOLARSHIP (2016) - Improv(ing) the Academy: Applied Improvisation as a Strategy for Educational Development:


Why should we go with WBT Lab?

We walk the talk.  Our organization is built on the principles and values we espouse.  Beyond our breadth and depth of experience, WBT Lab associates are dynamic and caring professionals that LOVE our work.  We are service minded and want to share with you and see your organizations transform.  This stuff is not only fun for us, its fundamentally tied to who we are as people.  We are working better together, and we want to teach you how.