"Mallory brings humor, empathy, and a deep knowledge of human emotions to her work, which enables her to unite people, encourage deep engagement by every individual, and build the foundation for high-performing teams" - Priya Gupta, Consultant, Nonprofit Strategy and Impact

"Mallory is a delight to work with. She is clear and confident, and brought energy and experimentation to our event with senior marketers. She is a natural team facilitator and asset!" - Wayne Cerullo, Persona-centered B2B Marketing.  American Marketing Association.

"Mallory's expert guidance through WBT Lab activities is not just another presentation about effective communication, it is a true practicum. She made sure we were comfortable yet challenged, and our team had so much fun!  I left the seminar with plenty of inspiration to try some new ideas and a "yes, and" attitude about our company's upcoming goals." - Sandra Cabouat, Assistant Head of School, Serendipity School

“Mallory took the creativity and spontaneity of improv and used it to create a collaborative and comfortable space with a group of professionals who did not know each other. We traversed the room, laughed out loud, and really got to know each other. I would highly recommend her services for professional development workshops and conferences.  I was really impressed."-Alina Ball, Associate Professor of Law

"This workshop was valuable in helping me learn to tell my story both at work while presenting ideas and in my own personal life. Mallory brings a dynamic and energetic approach to skill building that makes her workshop both fun and informative." - Amber Iraeta, Mechanical Engineer, Bio-Rad Laboratories

“Mallory artfully engaged a room full of strangers in meaningful connections within a short amount of time. She is a very warm, genuine, and savvy facilitator and presents a variety of tactful activities that are fun and eye-opening.” -Samia Karimi, Program Director, DanceVersity World Dance for Youth